Karen Peper, J.D., Ph.D.

Collaborative Attorney, Divorce Coach, and Mediator




Some Background...

When I tell people I'm a practicing clinical psychologist and a practicing attorney, I'm often met with disbelief--as if these two professions are the antithesis of one another.  On the contrary, both professions share my deep desire to help individuals and families through life's transition points.

After all, life is fundamentally about change.

And whether a change is welcome or unwelcome,

we always retain the choice to embrace change moments

as opportunities for both self-reflection and self-growth.

I consider it an honor and a privilege

to have been able to spend my professional life

supporting and guiding others to a better tomorrow.


My Guiding Philosophy

It all starts with respect.

My goal is to meet you where you are,

help you sort through where you want to go,

and provide the legal and emotional support to start you on your way.

As an attorney working with individuals and families in transition, I strongly believe that the most empowering way to accomplish this is by keeping the decision-making in your hands--not in the hands of an impersonal judge.

Thus, I am a huge proponent of mediation and the collaborative process.  Both of these approaches are client-driven

and involve working with professionals who have special skill sets specifically intended to

help you clearly communicate your needs,

actively generate options for resolution,

and negotiate toward a win-win outcome.


Collaborative Attorney

As an attorney, I've represented clients in many types of transitions.  Some are going through divorce.  Others are planning for their elder years.  Still others have sought legal review of employment contracts for their next dream job.

What each of these areas of law have in common

is preparation for a new chapter in a client's life.

My aim as an attorney is to empower you to make the best choices to meet your future goals.


Divorce Coach

When two adults decide to end their marriage partnership

one of the biggest, high-stakes challenges

is how to accomplish this ending

while simutaneously strengthening their co-parenting team.

A big part of my work as a Divorce Coach is to give parents the guidance to make this transition as successful as possible.

And honestly, working as a Divorce Coach is one of my favorite roles.

I love witnessing parents rise above the pain they may feel

about their marriage partnership ending

to jointly put the well-being of their children at center stage.

Every time this happens, I am reminded that even in the most difficult transitions, compassion for others is not only possible, but preferable.



 I firmly believe that the courtroom is a last resort when seeking resolution to differences between people.

We all have the capacity within us to creatively 

find our way through

when confronted with a different point of view.  

A way through that

meets your most important needs

and the most important needs of the other person.

I specialize in helping others to see common ground

when it may seem impossible.

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 I welcome the opportunity to support you and your loved ones

as you navigate all of life's changes!